lauantai 31. heinäkuuta 2010


I know that the name of this blog is delicious cakes and bakes, but anyhow I still have to post some not-edible "bakings" of mine :D

This is something I saw in this magazine and had to try out.. I could have used little bit more of white wool but hey, I still like it.. and the table underneath could be darker, it would so look on that too. After seeing it on a table this "rosecloth" of mine, I started to desing in my mind these table mats that will go under plates.. would be so cool.. Basically I just need to get the white wool and I would be good.

This was fun project and really easy bc I put it in the washing machine so there was little hand work and my hands don't smell like wool that much at least..

Enjoy this piece of art!

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